Layers of Learning – ‘Selfie Profile’ of all your unique learning styles.

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Selfie Profile Master Class

Copy of Saturday April 25 2020 7
Igniting Your Sleeping Brain in just 7 days
‘Selfie Profiles’ and is a series of short – one a day insights (around 70 lessons) for you to mentally chew on that will simply identify your own unique style of learning and processing information. Did you know that our dominant and non-dominant ears have ‘agreed’ to let what the dominate ear hears….be heard. Now can you imagine that you are talking to your friend or child and you are speaking about something very important into their non-dominant ear. Something ridiculous is chirping into the other ear. In a minute, whoever you were talking to walks away as if they didn’t hear a syllable of what you said. The master class will clear all that up and everyone will be much happier! The class will be available next week. Until then, can I challenge you to take the 7 Day Challenge to Ignite Your Sleeping Brain? It’s free. With simple little movements and tasks that just about everyone can do, your brain will start to strive for dominance and thereby build complex and interweaving pathways that profoundly make a difference in your mental speed and clarity of thought. I’ll discuss it in the next few emails should you wish to subscribe.
You should receive one email every other day or so, to give you enough time to do the simple ten minute activity described in the email and work on it until it becomes easy to do. Each of the activities is so simple you will think it just couldn’t possibly work. Ha….you should see and experience the changes. Kids started testing way above what they had just a few weeks before. We didn’t teach them anything different. We just worked with their brains and they were able to retrieve what they already knew. The challenge won’t be for everyone. Disclaimer 🙂 No drugs, no vitamins, no food…just what you personally are able to do daily in just ten minutes. It is certainly worth a try. You are worth the investment of ten minutes. When you look back next year, you will be glad you did.

Talk soon,
Carol Anderson, Igniting Sleeping Brains